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What I Learned from Grilling the Website. The Good and the Bad

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Let’s dive into the world of, the platform that’s become a household name for virtual connections. I’m going to give their website a grilling. The good and the bad

First Impressions:

Jumping onto, the first thing that grabs your attention is the alignment or the lack thereof. The logo seems to be out of alignment with other elements on the page. Typically I like to see left alignment kept with the logo and other elements going down the page. I’m not sure which elements Zoom chose to align on their website.

Too Many Links

The amount of links is another immediate standout. With 21 links above the fold, before you even scroll, it’s a bit overwhelming. It makes it difficult for the user to make decisions or find what they are looking for if there are too many options. On websites, you have three seconds to tell the user what you do, how will it make their life better and what they need to do to get it.

Most visitors on Zoom are probably there to download the app or learn about video calls, so they should make that message a priority.

What’s Zoom About, Really?

The site’s main statement attempts to position Zoom as an AI platform, but I found this confusing already knowing what Zoom offers. Their one-liner “AI that makes you more productive” doesn’t quite match with what they’re known for. A more direct and descriptive one-liner would be a better option. There are some great one-liners further down the page that I believe are stronger and more fitting for the Zoom user.


Animations on the site, while potentially engaging, end up being more of a distraction. They pull focus away from the main call to action. Minimizing these animations could enhance the user experience significantly.


The use of imagery on Zoom’s was a bit confusing. We see generic smiling faces, possibly using stock images and computer screens that don’t showcase Zoom’s own software. This is a missed opportunity to display their own features in action. Authentic, Zoom-specific images would make the site feel more personal and relatable.

Speed (and SEO):

On the technical side, the site’s performance is underwhelming. With a loading time of nearly 26 seconds and a performance score of 19, it’s clear that improvements are needed. While the SEO isn’t terrible, there are some basic misses, like multiple H1 tags and missing alt text on images.


In today’s eco-conscious world, Zoom’s website doesn’t seem to be embracing it yet. Running on a standard, non-green server, the site gets an F for its environmental impact. It’s high time for a shift towards more sustainable web practices.

In conclusion, has its strengths but also significant areas for improvement. From simplifying the user experience to enhancing technical performance, there’s work to be done. Zoom, it’s time to zoom in on these improvements.

What are your thoughts on Zoom’s website? Have you had a smooth experience, or did you find yourself a bit lost?

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