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Is the Battersea Website Doing a Good Job? Learn from an SEO & UX Website Grilling

Is the Battersea Website Doing a Good Job


This review focuses on the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home website, a renowned animal shelter featured in Charity Digital’s top ten charity websites. We’ll be analysing how effectively the website communicates its mission, engages visitors, and navigates the technical aspects of a modern website.

First Impressions

The website greets visitors with a bold and clear message, predominantly focusing on donations. The use of a striking blue colour adds to its visual appeal. However, the messaging, while clear in its call for donations, lacks immediate clarity on the specific problems the organisation addresses and the solutions it provides.

Functionality and User Experience

The website’s layout resembles a blog, with a straightforward navigation bar. The scrolling feature in the “What we do” section is a thoughtful touch, particularly for mobile users. The design is appealing, with a good balance of text and imagery. The alignment follows a consistent pattern, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing experience.

Content Analysis

While the site is aesthetically pleasing, the content could be more effectively structured to communicate the organisation’s purpose and activities. The problem and solution aren’t immediately apparent, which could be improved by stronger messaging. The presence of a blog section focusing on dogs and cats is a positive feature for SEO, enhancing the site’s authority on these topics.

Technical Aspects

The site’s technical setup reveals some areas for improvement. There are too many H1 tags, disrupting the content hierarchy, and some images lack alt text and appropriate width and height attributes, impacting both SEO and the site’s layout stability. However, it passes core web vitals, a positive sign for search engine ranking.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home website is visually appealing and user-friendly but could benefit from clearer messaging about its mission and the specific issues it addresses. To enhance the site further, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Strengthen the messaging to clearly state the problem and the organisation’s role in solving it.
  2. Resolve the technical issues related to H tags and image attributes to improve SEO and layout stability.
  3. Consider repositioning elements like social proof and partnerships higher on the page for greater impact.

Closing Remarks

Overall, the Battersea website does a commendable job in terms of design and usability. With some adjustments in content strategy and technical optimisation, it has the potential to be even more effective in communicating its vital role in animal welfare and engaging its audience.

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